The run is less about your time and more about the time of your life! The Royal Color Run is a five-kilometer (maybe a tad less), un-timed race, which is claimed to be the most family fun possible. You will have color sent your way from head to toe in different colors at four locations during the race. You will meet friends both old and young and of all shapes and sizes.


At the start you will want your clothes to be as white as possible, so the color shows up during the run. Of course you will have a beautiful fun filled color set of clothes on after the race! You may also want to bring some sun shades and scarf / bandanna. A Scarf or Bandanna helps with keeping the color out of your mouth at strategic times, or may protect your hair if you don’t want to get too much color it in. The shades will help keep color out of your eyes, even though we will aim everywhere else.


Sooner or later all of the color will come out of most everything, but if you don’t want it to linger you may want to follow some simple steps:

  • Sunscreen may help keep the color from lasting too long on your skin, but it will also help you from getting sunburned….scrubbing sunburt skin is no fun!
  • Put oil in your hair to make it easier to get the color out afterwards. We have heard coconut oil and olive oil are the best for this!
  • Sunglasses will prevent most of the color from getting in your eyes.
  • I Problably wouldn’t wear my brand new $300 Mizuno running shoes!
  • Oh yea….if you want the color to stay in your clothes, bring a bottle of vinegar in water! We hear a couple sprays will set the colors in your clothes, but please, don’t spray your friends unless they ask you to!


Only the best part is left! After and before the race there will be a pre race party and an after party! We will get the rest of our color on here! You will want to start with some color on, so the pre run party will get the color started. We will have plenty of color from the stage and of course you will want to have your color ready to throw! After the race you will want to stay for the color extravaganza! We will get the rest of our color groove on here! The after party will make the effort of a morning run much worth it!